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It would be nice

2014-04-15 15:40:07 by ClassicJoe

if I could get some inspiration; want to start actually posting pieces.

Digital Art

2011-07-04 14:22:01 by ClassicJoe

I need to start doing more with my deviant art account. Anyways here's a little guy i drew that i'm gonna doctor up in Jasc p9 or photoshop. any suggestions if anyone see's this what i should draw +/or noobie suggestions :)

Digital Art


2011-06-11 16:27:11 by ClassicJoe

i'm digging the way newgrounds operates and i can't wait to finish a little short i'm making XD! I love all the gory games on here also i'd like it if somone could help me get a animation making program or leave a comment saying how i can get one and any new tips for a newbie to making flash animations like is there any programs i should/shouldn't buy and whatnot... thank you if you do inded support me!



2011-06-07 20:52:10 by ClassicJoe

i just made a new image for my profile its that mummy! i'm not to bad using pixels and jasc paint shop pro 9 i just lost my copy of jasc animation shop 3 anyone have any reliable programs one can download to make animations? i already have pivot 2.2.6 on my pc and and proficient with it lol loook at me i'm talking like a geek Xd anyways please help me if anyones reading!


2011-06-06 17:58:19 by ClassicJoe

I'm greatly enjoying its inspiring me to be more inspirational and artistic!

Signing Up

2011-06-01 19:26:59 by ClassicJoe

Just signed up for because i'm looking for a better website to be on than kongregate -kong kinda sucks now it infected my computer so i hope newgrounds won't do the same. Also Kongregate never really gets too many new games its the same old garbage once you get the weekly challenge done. plz don't dissapoint me!